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Monday, January 28, 2013


From the moment that I stepped off of the train (four transfers and eight hours later), I was in awe of the clean and quiet charm of the Bavarian city of Munich.  On Saturday, we joined a  free tour to see the major city sites, and then strolled through the markets, stopping at a honey bee stand and a chocolatier.  Despite the bitter cold, the city was bright, and the food, surprisingly delicious.

The Glockenspiel located in the main square, Marienplatz

Colored buildings seemed to brighten the dreary day.

Cafe lined streets

The trip would not have been complete without a stop at the original and legendary Hofbrauhaus.  While there I enjoyed a traditional Bavarian pretzel, and a bowl of spaetzle.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


For our first weekend trip, we headed to Milan, the fashion capital of Italy.  It didn't take long for me to realize that the city was not as glamorous as I had expected. After a rough hostel experience, we had a lovely day visiting the Il Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.  Lunch (followed by authentic italian gelato!) was also fabulous.
Il Duomo - There was something so awe-inspiring about the intricate details inside and outside of this gorgeous cathedral.

Galleria - With stores ranging from Louis Vuitton, to the Gap, the shopping in Milan was absolutely outstanding.

Galleria (Interior) - Only designer duds could be found in this ornate section of the Galleria.

Italians really get me, pizza without the cheese is a staple on the menu.  Plus, the sauce (my favorite element) has been incredible over here. 

My first trip to Italy would not be complete without some coconut and wild berry sorbetto.  

I fell in love with the simplicity and charm of this dainty gold arrow bracelet from Brandy Melville.

It was very interesting to experience shopping in a different culture.  I was shocked to see stars and stripes plastered over various clothing items. Who knew Europeans have a fascination with the American Flag? I was also surprised to see graphic t-shirts splashed with "NYC," "LA," "Santa Monica," and even "Colorado." I can't wait to experience yet another culture when I head to Munich, Germany on Friday

Monday, January 14, 2013

Views of Lake Lugano

On our first full day in Lugano, our Professor took us on a "walk," that ended up being a 10 mile hike to one of the tallest peaks in the city.  In addition to some great cardio and group bonding, I also enjoyed the view and scenery that followed. 

Just the beginning

View from the top

Taking the scenic route back

Living in Lugano

My first few days here have definitely felt like vacation.  When I say vacation, I mean that it has felt like I am walking through a mix of Epcot, Busch Gardens, and the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.  When I say vacation, I also mean a vacation with meals made up of peanut butter and jelly, pretzels, and vending machine cappuccinos.  Here are some of my recent realizations:

- Eating airline food is basically like consuming a (not so) lean cuisine
- I will look American regardless of the clothes I wear, the shoes I wear, or how I do my hair
- 17F (1F=$1.10) for a meal at McDonald's is normal
- Carbs are present at every meal
- Heavy Cream/ Dairy is incorporated into every dessert
- The Swiss have heard of Piper Perabo's breakout movie, Coyote Ugly
- The Swiss know more about the NHL Lockout and Sidney Crosby than I do
- Fitness Centers are either hard to come by or non-existent
- Coffee is small and to the point, no pumpkin spice lattes here.  Non-fat milk is also not an option.
- Trying to communicate through hand gestures is not ideal

Luckily, we are served dinner four times per week at the Montarina (our hotel), and I recently made a grocery trip to Migros for some breakfast and lunch staples (in addition to pb&j). Around fifteen of us are headed to Milan this weekend to experience the eurail and a hostel for the very first time.

LishyLishy Goes Abroad

Streets of Lugano

Lugano Rooftops

Gates on Lake Lugano

On January 10th, 2013, I traveled to Lugano, Switzerland with 44 other Virginia Tech Students to start my spring semester study abroad experience.  After hearing about GC's and so many other's amazing study abroad adventures, I wanted to embark on a journey of my own.

We are based in Lugano, Switzerland, where we are taking 18 credits (that will count towards my marketing management major) at the Universit√† della Svizzera italiana (USI).  We are required to visit ten different cities throughout Europe during our stay, and the travel will be completed on weekends and during our three, nine day breaks.  More adventures to follow....

P510 at Phipps

Before leaving for my semester abroad, I made an effort to become extremely familiar with my new camera, the Nikon P510.  After enjoying "The Morning After" breakfast special at the Pamela's in Oakland, and the lovely views from the Cathedral of Learning, I headed to Phipps Conservatory with GC and my little sis.  My favorite camera feature? The 42x optical zoom.