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Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 SAG Awards

Although the red carpet at the SAG awards was not as energetic or exciting as the Golden Globes, which could, in part, be because Ryan Seacrest was noticeably absent from his interviewing duties, there were still some good moments.  Tina Fey, for instance, was not only my best dressed pick of the night, but I also thought that her long, strapless, form-fitting , red lace Oscar de la Renta gown was a personal best for her.  Usually in plain-jane type looks in dull colors, Fey stoodout in cherry-apple red. Way to go Ms. Norburry.

Best Dressed
1. Tina Fey - Oscar de la Renta
2. Mila Kunis - Alexander McQueen
3. January Jones - Carolina Herrera
4. Sofia Vergara - Roberto Cavalli
5. Hailee Steinfeld - Prada

Mila Kunis - She followed up her brilliant look at the Globes, with a long, vibrant, red floral print, strapless Alexander McQueen gown. It was warm, flowy and fabulous.  The belt cinched her waist perfectly, and her hair and makeup further accentuated the look. Kelso would have loved it.
January Jones - With a drastically different, but equally fantastic look than the Globes, January Jones made my best dressed list once again.  She went from classy yet to provocative, to just straight-up classy in a short-sleeved, black with gold lace Carolina Herrera.  I was skeptical at first, but the more and more I looked at this dress, the more and more I fell in love with it. Even though I did not particuarly love her cow-lick-like updo, she really stoodout.  Betty Draper sure knows how to take the right risks.
Sofia Vergara - Once again, she shows off her perfect figure.  This time, with a low-cut, royal blue Roberto Cavalli.  The cross-over bodice was extremely flattering and her hair and makeup was absolute perfection.
Hailee Steinfeld - Her vibrant striped, strapless Prada gown was perfect for the SAG awards.  It was age appropriate, girly and fun. It was nice to see her with her hair down.  You could tell that she absolutely adored this dress because she was clearly glowing with confidence.  The mermaid-like bottom was just adorable.

Worst Dressed
1. Jane Lynch - Ali Rahimi
2. Nicole Kidman - Nina Ricci
3. Jenna Fischer - Fendi
4. Jenna Ushkowitz - Badgley Mischka
5. Angie Harmon - Monique Lhuillier

Jane Lynch - She never looks particuarly fantastic, but her purple, puffy, princess gown was definitely worse than her usual attire.  It was like an 80's wedding gown with a bad dye job.  The one large ruffle below her waist threw off the entire look.  Sorry I am being just as mean as you usually are, Sue.
Nicole Kidman - She went from one extreme to the other! Her usual neutral colored attire was quickly forgotten when she showed up in a high-neck, puffed-sleeved, lace-backed Nina Ricci gown.  I usually adore Nina Ricci's designs (like Reese Witherspoon's yellow frock from the 2009 Globes), but this was an exception.  It was just sooo too much for me.  It was too busy, and I think it would have been 10x better without the sleeves, and without the necklace.
Jenna Fischer  - She looked flat out frumpy in a high-cut, short-sleeved, neutral-colored, Fendi gown.  I never expected her to wear something show-stopping, but I at least expected something younger and more exciting.
Jenna Ushkowitz - Her nude, strapless Badgely Mischka gown, with sweet ruffles on the bottom would have been nice, but she forgot to wear her spanx.  Just so everyone knows, I most definitely do not think that she is even remotely overweight, a little excess never hurt anyone, but in this case, I could see the outline of her stomach and bellybotton through the gown.  Such a shame, because that is such an easy fix.
Angie Harmon - When I saw that her feathery pink princess gown was by Monique Lhuillier, it all made sense: Lhuillier is a fantastic wedding dress designer, and Harmon's dress would have been gorgeous in white on any bride.  But the SAG awards do not feature an alter or "I do's," so this dress was not apporpriate, especially because she was only a presenter! It was an overall overdone look.

Most Improved - Helena Bonham Carter
Worst Makeup - Dianna Argon
Best Dressed Male - Jon Hamm (obviously)

Monday, January 17, 2011


Awards season is officially upon us, and I personally could not be happier! Emerald Green, pale pink/champage, and as always, black, were all very popular colors on the red carpet.  The cast of Mad Men was looking fabulous, as per usual, and Angelina and Brad were once again not willing to stop and chat with Ryan or Giuliana. But of course, the dresses were the most important aspect of the night!

1. January Jones (above) - Versace
2. Julie Bowen - Tadashi Shoji
3. Jennifer Lawerence - Louis Vuitton
4. Sofia Vergara - Vera Wang
5. Claire Danes - Calvin Klein

January Jones - Even though Mad Men sadly did not take home the best drama prize, Jones looked fantastic in a revealing red Versace gown.  She was working her cleavage, and the fringe-like detail of the bottom was gorgeous. This look was a HUGE improvement from last year's Globes.  Some stars would have made this scandy gown look scandy and trashy, but she kept it classy thanks to minmal jewelry and her sleek hair and simple makeup. Well done Betty Francis (not Betty Draper).
Julie Bowen - Her beige Tadashi Shoji gown was stunning.  I loved the one-shoulder flower embellishments, and the silhouette was very flattering.  Basically, all of the ruffles were perfectly placed.  She also had one of the best updos of the night.
Jennifer Lawerence - Even though some of my friends claimed that her dress looked like bunched up trashbags, I could not disagree more!  This dark Louis Vuitton dress was fitted, yet flowy, and extravaggant, yet simple thanks to the fitted neckline/bust.  I loved the contrast of the black straps and waist against the gray of the rest of the dress.  Plus, her smoky eye was flawless.
Sofia Veraga - Her sleek red Vera Wang gown showed off her curvy figure perfectly.  Strapless gowns do not usually flatter cleavage, but this dress was not a regular, straight-across strapless gown, the neckline was slightly scooped, providing her with just the right amount of cleavage.  The black banded waist accentuated her figure, and the bow in the back was a cute detail.  Between the dress itself, her curves, and her fab hair and makeup, her overall look was a knockout.
Claire Danes - Emma Stone take note, THIS is how Calvin Klein minimalism is done. Her look was all about simplicity, and she most definitely pulled it off.  Her hair fit the high neckline perfectly, and the shape from the waist up really played up her shoulders.  

Dianna Agron - Her champagne colored J. Mendel gown was simple and chic.  I usually do not think light colors are flattering on pale blondes, but this really worked for me.  Her hair was soft and framed her face really nicely
Elisabeth Moss - This may have been one of the Mad Men's stars best style moments.  She went along with the emerald green trend by wearing a strapless Donna Karan gown. I also really liked her lighter hair color.  Plus, the ruching on the bust was perfectly placed.
Mila Kunis - She also rocked the emerald green trend with a Vera Wang ruched one shoulder gown. She looked sophisticated, and the shoulder detail was a great addition.  Her updo complimented the look very nicely. I usually hate this fabric, but this dress was done right. She JUST missed being in my top 5. 
Sarah Hyland - This young starlet, and member of the Modern Family cast, wore a beige, sweetheart neckline strapless Max Azria creation.  I thought her bangs were a little overkill, but since I am such a fan of Max Azria and BCBG, I had to include this.
Carrie Underwood - She looked gorgeous, like usual, in a gold sparkle badgley mischka strapless gown.  This was kind of a predictable look, but she still looked good. Take a risk next time, Carrie!
Megan Fox - She looked suprisingly chic and actually classy! Maybe being a married woman has changed her or something! I mean, it was not at all conservative (it had a great back), but she was more covered up than usual in her Armani Prive, blush-colored, one-shoulder gown.
Scarlett Johansson - looked great in her gold Elie Saab sparkle gown. I could have done without those sleeves though, and I wish her updo was not as crazy.
Amy Adams - BEST MAKEUP of the night, very subtle, very natural, perfection.  Her navy Marchesa one shoulder dress with shoulder and hip ruffles, was very interesting, and the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. Also, the closer I looked at it, I realized that it had a layer of blue laser-cut patterned fabric over top of plain blue fabric in the same color! Genius!
Anne Hathaway - BEST HAIR of the night, natural, effortless, perfection.  Her gold-sleeved, sequined Armani Prive gown had a stunningly beautiful, yet somewhat perfectly provactive bare back, put the puffed sleeved were a little two 80's bad prom dress for me.

Top 5 WORST Dressed
1. Helena Bonham Carter - Vivienne Westwod
2. Tilda Swinton - Jil Sander
3. Julianne Moore - Lanvin
4. Emma Stone - Calvin Klein
5. Michelle Williams - Valentino

Helena Bonham Carter - She must not have received the memo that she does not have to dress like Bellatrix Lestrange in her real life.  If filming for Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part Two was not already over, I would say that she came straight from the set so she didnt have time to make her hair look any less like a rats nest, she forgot dressy shoes and could only find two different colored shoes in the wardrobe closet to wear, and she ripped off the crazy black tulle from her usual Bellatrix costume and stapled it to a floral print Vivienne Westwood gown. 
Tilda Swinton - She always has to be different, and I respect that, but her Jil Sander dress, which may not have even been a dress, but instead a white oxford tucked into a long little house on the praire skirt, was not at all formal enough for the Globes.
Julianne Moore - I am usually a fan of Lanvin (who isn't), but the puffy, obnoxious sleeve on her pinkish -red one sleeved grown was hideous.  Julianne, your beautiful, so let your hair down and show both arms please!
Emma Stone - WHAT HAPPENED? She went from a cute, and different up and coming actress to a fake-baked, bleach-blonde, unrecognizeable Golden Globes attendee.  Her cap sleeved, light colored, simple Calvin Klein gown, blended right into her skin color, lip color and hair color. What a washout.
Michelle Williams - She is super cute, and her beige Valentino daisy dress was also cute, but too cute.  I think it would have been better suited for her young daughter Matilda instead of her.  Between the sweet ruffles and daisy straps, it was just not sophisticated enough for me.  I also thought that the beige fabric resembled a burlap sack.

Olivia Wilde - This strapless, sparkly, ombre Marchesa dress will probably be a favorite among a lot of people, but I think it was too flowy for her .  The tulle needed to be scaled down a few thousand notches, because if this dress was a form-fitting, straight-skirt gown, it would have been my favorite.  Her shoes were fierce, though. Too bad no one could see them until she hiked her skirt up. Her simple, big-banged, hair also kind of killed the look for me.  An updo or some big loose curls would have accentuated the dress much better.
Tina Fey - Her L'ren Scott dress was velvet, enough said (yes, I know the fabric is "in," but there was way too much of it).
Halle Berry - She was looking good......from the waist up.  I wish her Nina Ricci, tight black, spaghetti strapped dress had a regular skirt, instead a a sheer black curtain attached to the bottom of a bustier.
Jennifer Lopez - Ponchos were in a few years ago, not now.  Even though yours was sheer and sparkly, it still counts as one.
Christina Aguleria - Zuhair Murad was responsible for her strapless, tacky gown, and J. Lo's poncho. yikes.
Angelina Jolie - You are gross and looked like a mermaid leprachan in a sparkly, high-neckline, Versace gown. If you can't tell, I am team Jennifer Aniston!
Jennifer Love Hewitt - Her light blue, jeweled waist, Monique Lhuillier creation was done in an unflattering fabric, and made her look a lot wider.  Once again, this dress was nice...from the waist up.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Corrupting Couture

Although I hate to be negative, I have some issues with Seventeen magazine.  I have been a subscriber of the magazine since I was 16 years old (so for roughly 3 years), and even though I felt that I had outgrown the magazine a while back, my mother accidentally renewed it for another two years.  Since I feel guilty for placing the mag straight into the trash, I casually flip through it, reading whatever interests me.  Just from flipping through, I am not a fan of their stlye picks. Seventeen is a transistion age.  Seventeen-year-olds are gearing up to transistion into college, and the magazine needs to prepare girls for that by providing clothes that are grown-up but still fun.  The clothes do not have to scream hilary-clinton-power-suit, but they should be somewhat classy, professional, and laid back.  Instead, the magazine features obnoxious mixes in patterns (yes, mixing patterns are definitely in and can be appropriate when done right - think Mondo Guerra, this past seasons runner-up on project runway - but these are NOT done right), overdone layering (who do you know that would ever layer a patterned button-up shirt under a patterned sundress), overly bright colors, and many other styles that I consider fashion crimes.  Instead of giving girls clothing options to heighten their sense of fashion with sophisticated yet age appropriate styles, the magazine is giving teens the idea that the "teeny-bopper-gum-smacking-look" is in. I understand that the mag is designed for girls around age 13 and older, but if you are going to have your clothing aimed towards younger girls, do not feature articles about college partying and STD's.  I am sure the mag is trying to appeal to a larger audience, but they really need to pick an age group and stick with it already! Fashion editors of Seventeen, if you ever read this, please remember one thing, LESS IS MORE. Please just simplify your featured looks into outfits that real seventeen-year-olds would not be embarrassed to wear.


Happy new year! I just wanted to let everyone know that my previous blog can be found at alishamariej.blogspot.com. I decided to share this link in honor of awards season! My old blog provides full coverage of last years awards shows for those who want a fashion refresher before the season starts off with the Golden Globes this Sunday.  The posts are towards the bottom past the project runway episode recaps. Enjoy!