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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Conversation

Here's a link to an article featuring a professional lipreader trying to decipher the conversation that went on during the royal wedding festivites.  Theres an entire transcript, super interesting! check it out.

I'm Somewhat Famous!

My friends Blair and Anjelica and I ended up on the New York Times website in a gallery titled "Wedding Reactions from Around the World!"  I'm not sure how that happened, and the picture seem somewhat out of place being from Blacksburg while the other picture are images from London, Scotland, Frankfurt, New York and Afghanistan among other places.    Check it out at the link below http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2011/04/29/style/20110430_WEDDINGREAX-11.html

Royal Reception

Since Princess Catherine's extremely long train wouldve have been very impractical for partying it up at her wedding reception, she changed into a less extravaagant yet equally stunning Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown.  I love the fact that it's a strapless sweetheart neckilne and she'll be able to show off her arms and shoulders! The jeweled waist band is perfect. Could she be any more gorgeous?! Her sister Pippa and Mrs. Middleton also showed up in new looks! What a stylish family

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Making of a Style Icon

Kate Middleton, or more officially, Princess Catherine, will most definitely go down in history as a style icon. I chose my favorite pre-wedding looks to illustrate her sophisticated style.

Look I'm loving...

The Beckhams

Most definitely the hottest couple in attendance

Spotlight On...

Alexander McQueen

In honor of Kate choosing the design house to make her royal wedding gown, here are some of my all-time favorite McQueen designs

I've been dreaming about...

Going to/ Maybe Living in LONDON
The Royal Wedding pretty much confirmed that I was born in the wrong country. love. love. love the U.K.

Can we talk about....

What a perfect couple Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton would be?!
He's incredibly handsome and she's unbelievably gorgeous - what a perfect match. 

Even though it was not Pippa's big day, she was not overshadowed by her sister (by that much).  Well actually, she was, but she held her own in a white, cap-sleeved gown that was also designed by the house of McQueen.  I thought it was unusual for her to also wear white, but then I found out its a British tradition! But yeah, just think about the potential of this duo.

The Main 'McQueen' Event

The late Alexander McQueen was one of my favorite designers, and my absolute favorite British designer.  His legacy lives on through his design house and creative director Sarah Burton, who happened to make Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding gown.  I was absolutely THRILLED to see Kate in McQueen.  Just last night I predicted that she would choose the edgy design house, and I was correct! The fact that she chose McQueen kind of just represents her modern and somewhat edgy fashion personality.  The dress was stunning.  I love the neckline and modest lace sleeves.  The corset-style bodice really showed off her perfect figure, yet the abundance of fabric at the hip gave the entire look a dramatic and extravagant feel that can only be pulled off by royalty.  Her vintage Cartier tiara was gorgeous, and her hair/makeup (which she did herself!) were flawless.  I literally could not stop saying "wow she is so pretty!"

Philip Treacy Hats

I was first introduced to the fabulous Philip Treacy on Project Runway when he provided hats as inspiration for a challenge.  I was fascinated by the pure architecture behind his designs, and after seeing the guests at the Royal Wedding, I was sure that his artistic and unique head-pieces were present throughout Westminster Abbey.  It turns out that I was correct, Victoria Beckham and many other royals were adorned in his innovative and outlandish designs.  Pure Art.

Treacy's Designs featured on Project Runway

Viewing Party

Blair and I decided to make homemmade "fascinators" to wear to the Royal Wedding viewing party at the lyric. Blair even made an extra one for our friend Anjelica! The base of each hat is actually a bridal bouquet holder flipped upside-down and trimmed.  We dyed the white tulle with pink hairdye, and attached ribbon, pearls and painted flowers.  We are college students with limited supplies so we had to get creative!


Today will pretty much be an all day blogfest covering the royal wedding! get ready....multiple posts to come!

Royal Wedding

The royal wedding is in approx. four hours.  In two hours, we will be headed to the lyric (the cutest little historic theater downtown) for a viewing party! They are going to provide tea and crumpets, coffee (which will be much needed), wedding cake and even party favors! I will be wearing a ruffled flowered sundress with a matching Kate Middleton-inspired hat (that my friend Blair and I crafted ourselves!).  I will def post  at least one photo from the morning adventure, but stalk my Facebook for more!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Photo of the Day - VT

I snapped this shot at the VT Horticulture gardens today.  Melissa and I took a little run/picture-taking de-stressing therapy session and we stumbled upon the beautiful gardens that I did not even know existed!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Regal Reese

Reese Witherspoon looked stunning in her Vogue photoshoot to promote her new movie "Water for Elephants."  All of the shots were fabulous, but I liked the one pictured above the best.  The beautifully barefoot starlet is wore Dolce and Gabbana as she confidently sat on top of one of the films other main stars (photoshopped in??).  Love the backdrop, and the coloring is superb. Can't wait to see the movie.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


thanks for teaching me mzitt!


please come back on TV....I miss seeing Jon Hamm! but even without the mysterious Donald Draper, Mad Men is FANTASTIC.  best. show. on. television. I want my sterling-cooper-draper-price fix. I am just drawn to that show for some reason! In love. come back, stop fighting.
so. dreamy.

btw, my blogging hiatus was thanks to the wretched math emporium....good news is, i am done with math FOREVER. i love my life.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I've been dreaming about...


Oh my gosh, I can taste the amazing taste of mango-a-go-go in my mouth right this instant. I am absolutely in love with Jamba Juice, and have an intense craving for it right now!!!!!! There is going to be one here, on campus in 2012 (my junior year). That's right, you read correctly, Virginia Tech is getting a Jamba Juice and when it opens it will be the best day of my life! Not really, but quite possibly.  When I was in NYC this past summer I went every single day! Come to think of it, having one on campus could be rather dangerous....good thing it will be across the drillfield.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Basically, swap.com (previously known as swaptree.com) may be the best website ever created. You enter every book, dvd, cd, or video game that you no longer want, specify items that you DO want, and swap.com will set up trades for you! All you pay is $1 per trade and  povide your own shipping to the specified address, but  it is so worth it. I have traded so many cheap kid's chapter books for really good movies! It is crazy how it all works out.  I would say that 80% of my DVD collection is thanks to swaptree. I am mildly obsessed with swapping! http://www.swap.com/

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Photo - 4/16

On April 16, 2007, 32 Hokies lost their lives through a tragedy.  Four years later, the Virginia Tech community came together to remember and celebrate the lives of the victims.  We did this through a 3.2 for 32 run (it was cancelled due to rain, but many individuals, including me and my friends, ran the course anyway), a community picnic (moved indoors because of rain), and a candlelight vigil (pictured above).  I captured this shot on my cellphone, and I love that Burruss is in the background.  On April 16, everyone is a Hokie, and throughout the year, every hokie lives for the 32 hokies who can not.  We are Viginia Tech, We Will (and have) Prevail(ed). I am proud to be part of such a strong community.  neVer forgeT

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Photo of the Day


This chandelier is hanging in the Boardwalk Villas lobby at the Walt Disney World Resort and I have admired it since we first started staying there.  I am basically obsessed with the resort, and I am basically in love with this lighting fixture! Who designs this kind of stuff?  Fantastic.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Typing in your own handwriting...

Look I'm loving...

Anne Hathaway in Gucci
1. Amazing Gucci Dress? Check.
2. Effortless Hairstyle? Check.
3. Naturally Gorgeous Girl? Check.
4. Amazing Personality? Double Check.
5. Perfect Eyeglass Pick? UMMMM....

Anne Hathaway is slowly becoming one of my style icons.  She literally sparkles in this gorgeous, detailed, navy Gucci dress at the Rio premiere.  The nerd-like glasses threw me for a little loop, but I'm starting to actually like them!  I mean, think of it this way, the fact that she has to guts to wear them not only illustrates her self-confidence, but also proves that it is a component in her on-screen and real-life charisma! She's the goofy girl next door in these frames, and although they may not be so fitting for such an elegant dress, she rocks them, and I give her mad respect. 

Something I Stumbled Upon...

I dont know these people or anyhting, but I saw this on stumbleupon and thought it was super cute! What a story. Oh and what would I do without stumbleupon??

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NYC Time Lapse

Here is yet another post related to New York City.  Sorry, not sorry, It's probably my favorite place in the USA.  I found this time lapse video by James Ogle on stumbleupon and fell in love.  Could the music be anymore perfect? I think the Grand Central Station shot may be my fav, but I also love all of the shots from Columbus Circle outside of the Time Warner Center. Perfection.

Does anyone actually read this?

I honestly do not know if anyone does, sooo I would be honored if you told me that you did!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ad I love...

Miss Dior Cherie

This Dior perfume ad blew me away when I saw it in my Instyle magazine a couple years ago. The cutsey pink bubble dress fits the overall message behind this ad amazingly.  She's floating over Paris thanks to colorful balloons! Would anything be able to top that? No way.   Love the whimsy, love the free-spirit and love the overall fun attitude.  This is how advertising should be executed.  Perfection.

Beautiful days...

Gorgeous days like today, where I can wear flipflops, and shorts, just make me want to shop!  All I can think about is being in florida, sporting my steve madden shades, carrying my longchamp bag over my shoulder, and strolling through the Orlando premium outlets.  Oh how I would love being in the JCrew or Kate Spade outlet store right about now...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Look I'm loving...

Blake Lively in Marchesa
Blake Lively looked amazing in this lacy, red, Marchesa frock.  I might be slightly obsessed with it actually.  It really reminds me of Emma Watson's black Rafael Lopez dress she wore to the Deathly Hallows premiere, but this red really stands out. Plus, her hair and shoes are complete perfection.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

love for disney

Disney recently had Annie Leibovitz photgraph celebrities such as Beyonce, Michael Phelps, Scarlett Johansson, Alec Baldwin, Penelope Cruz and Roger Federer in classic Disney movie scenes. AMAZING.
my favorite one is above, but the rest can be found at this link: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/54eCkA/www.latimes.com/travel/deals/themeparks/la-trb-photos-celebrities-disney-03201103-pg%252C0%252C823043.photogallery
Things like this really make me realize just how much I love all things Disney.

Super Sprayer

Another cool artsy thing...thanks stumbleupon!