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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good News!

I am currently working on stocking an Etsy.com store to make some of my creations available for purchase!! I will have wooden frames, terra cotta pots, wooden letters, and some very special collages made entirely out of magazine pages. Pictured here is my signature collage.  Special thanks to GC for being the inspiration behind this piece.  More updates soon to come!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Finals Week Rewind

Rewind back to the first week of May. My room was over half packed, and I was on a mission to finish my first semester of junior year off strong.  Luckily, there were two locations that helped to preserve my sanity. 

1. Squires - the secret on-campus study spot
Squires Student Center is definitely not a secret spot by any means.  It is actually probably one of the most bustling spots on campus during classes. During exam week, however, it was like a ghost town.  The Division of Student Affairs provided study tables throughout the building and I set up camp there for a few days.  I somehow stumbled upon this quiet balcony near Old Dominion Ballroom, and I took advantage of the nice view and even nicer weather. I also very much appreciated the free popcorn after 7pm in the lobby. 

2. Next Door Bake Shop - the secret off-campus study spot

I discovered next door bakeshop while leaving my dreadful BIT class in Surge.  It is located right behind Surge and it quickly became a super convenient spot for me to grab my morning coffee. Since it is somewhat new, I was correct in assuming that it would be a nice, relaxing, study spot. Bonus, they have fantastic coffee, sandwiches, and of course, cupcakes.  

Friday, June 15, 2012

What's New

Instagram is changing my life. That is an exaggeration, but I do think it is super cool.  I do not even have an iPhone, but I have been soaking up the app on my parent's iPad.  Here's what I have been up to:
The Terra Cotta, Lilly Pulitzer Inspired, Pot I painted for my mom for Mother's Day.

The lovely painting aftermath

Dixie, my ridiculously precious pooch

My favorite accessory - ASOS zigzag rings. I am obsessed.

New Brooks running shoes.  Shin splints be gone

A ridiculously good pineapple/coconut milk smoothie that deserves a post of its own.

 My summer read, that naturally, I have yet to start.